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& The ORPHAN PLANE Project

This book is in the writing process. Author submissions are no longer being accepted.

Illustrators are still being accepted. If you are an artist interested in drawing a black and white picture for the inside of the book, email me a link or attached sample of your work.

The Storyline

Fast forward to the future…maybe three hundred years, maybe only forty. Some things are the same, but many are different, often for the worse. War still ravages many areas, and in the wealthy countries the continuing increase of technology is often used nefariously. It is the children who suffer the most, especially those whose parents have been killed or are so taken up with drugs and the age-old vice of alcohol that they no longer care.

Thus, Operation Orphan Plane has begun. Named from the historical orphan trains that were sent to the western United States in the 1800s, the plan is to send a group of children to a safer place in hopes that they’ll be able to have a better life, far from the worries of the world. Literally. The children will be sent to the space station Hemina.

Hemina was built fifteen years ago and though its goal is to hold up to 3,000 residents, so far it is populated by only a few hundred scientists, engineers, doctors, farmers, and the like. But now that it’s deemed ready for occupants, who better to send to a thriving settlement than youngsters, eager to find a safe place to make their mark on the world?

For the maiden voyage of Operation Orphan Plane, fifty children between ages five and sixteen are chosen from around the world to begin the long plane trip to the station. These are children who each have their own stories to tell: stories of hardship and hope, of trials and perseverance, and most of all, of a second chance at life.

These are your stories. Let them roll!

(Note from the director: Are you worried about writing sci-fi? Just not your thing? Relax. I want this book to be focused on people, not on technology. I don’t want it to be “about space flight” any more than a story about a vacation in current times is “about airplanes” or “about automobiles.” Though there will be some futuristic technology in the book, we’ll help you with that when the writing process begins. For now, just focus on writing a story about people.)

Other Details

Though most of this book will be written from the point of view of child characters, the intended audience is general Christian adult readers. That means the stories can have more complex themes and deal with deeper issues than if it were a young adult/teen or children’s book.

Click here for a page with details about the storyline and setting that you’ll need to know as you brainstorm.

Each completed section will be 3,000 to 5,000 words, and the book will be written over a period of time. It will be roughly divided into three sections: post voyage, travel time, and arrival/getting settled at the new home.

At this time Peculiar People cannot afford to offer a monetary payment to contributing authors. However, each author chosen for contribution will receive one free copy of the published book and will have the option of purchasing other copies at any time with a slight contributor discount. Each author will also receive a byline with their story and a bio paragraph in the back of the book.

Because it will be written consecutively, this project will be written over a period of time. If you are chosen as a contributor, you will be contacted with all the details you need to begin writing your section and will be kept appraised of the progress. If your story falls in the middle or end of the book, you will be given the rough drafts of the previous stories to read, so you can make sure your story fits in with the rest of the book.


By submitting you are agreeing to the following rules:

  • You are the sole author of the work.

  • If your work is chosen you will give Peculiar People all rights to your story (see FAQs).

  • All stories should be written from a Christian world-view.

  • No swearing, crude language, or euphemisms of those words will be allowed in the content of the book.

  • No graphic sexual or gory scenes will be allowed.

  • Peculiar People has the right at any time to decide not to allow a story or author participation in the project.

  • All accepted stories will be critiqued and edited during the process of writing.

  • You agree to check your email at least once a week and keep PeP updated on any address changes.

  • If you are chosen as a contributor, you will make every effort to meet deadlines given by PeP and will immediately contact them and keep them updated if you are unable to meet those deadlines. (Note: PeP will make every effort to provide reasonable deadlines and be understanding if something prevents you from meeting them. However, the project will need to keep moving at a reasonable pace in respect of all the other authors involved.)

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