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Generations ago, a Civil War skirmish was fought on the banks of Struggle Creek. Now, a different battle has come to the small Tennessee town, and a community's peace is shattered by fear.




The once trusting, close-knit community is unraveling. Could one of them be behind the deadly secret in the woods?


Could one of them be a killer?




Against the backdrop of fear and mistrust, the people of Struggle Creek are faced with a decision. Will they choose to trust in God and each other? Or will their bitterness and fear rob them of their innocence forever?

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This mystery story about a small Tennessee town was created with 27 authors from all over the US, plus Canada and Australia. Each author wrote a chapter from the viewpoint of a different town member, but all the chapters tie together to make one novel. Come join the lives of the children who stumbled upon a strange dome in the woods, the new Deaf boy who's found himself caught smack in the middle of a dangerous mystery, the sheriff who is trying desperately to keep his town safe, and the actors trying to give the town hope. These are just a few of the delightful Struggle Creek residents who may seem a little familiar to those who know the authors, since we've given the characters a touch of ourselves.

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